Roof renovation

Roof renovation and loft conversion from master hand on majorca

In our roofing master craftsman we are specialized in all trades around the roof. Throughout Mallorca you can benefit from our expertise.

We specialize in roof renovation and loft conversion for homeowners – regardless of whether you approach us as a homeowner, cooperative or property management. The close contact with the customer is important to us so that agreements and consultations can take place directly with the users.

Regular inspection and maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance

Because a roof is exposed to a natural aging process and changing environmental conditions, it is appropriate to inspect roofs at regular intervals. In-depth damage to the roof structure or the thermal insulation are detected or prevented in a timely manner. Also gutters and connections are cleaned to extend their life. In this way, necessary renewals are made and small damage quickly discovered and cost effectively resolved. This inspection and maintenance is usually every two years for newer roofs
recommended, in old buildings, it makes sense to have an annual inspection performed by the roofer on majorca .

Roofer emergency service

Roofer emergency service majorca: around the clock

Whenever you notice an emergency on the roof, you can contact us at +34 699546694, as we are also available on weekends and public holidays. Already on the phone, we give you a brief assessment and, if necessary, suggestions about what you can do until we are there. So you quickly become master of the situation again.

About us

Roofer Andreas Meinhold on majorca – your professional around the roof

Andreas Meinhold would like to offer you the best service – that is why he is constantly educating himself in all matters relating to the roof. Of course, the team also regularly participates in further education and training, so that each one of us meets our high standards.

For you, this means that all aspects of the roof really mesh, are coordinated and are always up to date with the development, because technical rules are changing, new methods are coming onto the market and also legal fundamentals and aspects are constantly being revised. The fact that our roofer company is always up to date, we are so convinced of the quality of our work that you can get a year longer warranty on our services.

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